Nothing Holds Him Down

– by Victoria L.

Well folks, as you know Vance went into surgery the morning of March 13th, just two days after racing at the NASCAR Home Track at Tucson Speedway. The patrons at the track were very supportive of his upcoming surgery.

Dr. Vance had a triple bypass, open heart, surgery and was awakened and off the ventilator about 10:50 PM. By 4:30 AM he was up and walking. His progress continued to be good until he walled out of the hospital on his own a little before noon today (Friday, March 17th).

HIs new prize possession is his homemade “Heart Pillow”, created by his daughters and grandchildren. So cool. He will need that!

Now, on my visit to the hospital, about 36 hours after his surgery he was in ICU with an enormous tubes and things, coaching a client on the phone. Tis mnay never stops/

I asked, “What the hell are you doing!”, trying to put on a hard, motherly face.

He said, “Sometimes people need mu help”. He laughed and I could see that that didn’t feel very good.

We love Doc and wish him continued recovery.

Everyone, thank you for your support. I have had hundreds of calls and appreciate everyone of them.

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